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Someday I'll Fly, Someday I'll Soar...

I'm bigger than my body gives me credit for

I'm Liz, and I'm pretty cool if I do say so myself.
311, 867-5309, adam sandler, aim, alanis morisette, animals, arthur, bbmak, beth sholom, biffay, big fat liar, big fizz, biking, billy joel, blue man group, boys, buffalo soldier, camp ramah, candles, candy, candy necklaces, carnival bruises, cds, chicago, chinese food, chocolate, clueless, coldplay, concerts, counting crows, cruel intentions, dancing, david tran, degrassi, disney ddr, dispatch, down with love, dreaming, earings, echo the cat, ed norton, electric factory, fanta, fatty junior, fight club, finger food, flaming havisham, flirting, foo fighters, friends, gesher '04, girls night, glasses, gratz, green, green day, green eyes, guitar, hagesher, happiness, harley the beast, hey ya, hoodies, hotties, imovie, incubus, israel, jake gyllenhaal, jen, jewish, jews, john mayer, kidz bop, kissing, less than jake, lion king, lip gloss, love, ludacris, madness, madonna, maroon5, metal concrete, mr.gross, mr.lee, music, new found glory, no doubt, otown, pacman, panim el panim, pants, papa beaver's story time, personality, philadelphia, piano, poems, r.e.m, raisin bran, red hot chili peppers, rent, rock, rollerblading, rooney, roosevelt mall, roxie hart, rx bandits, ryan phillipe, sam mixer, sam the dog, sean paul, septa, seven nation army, shaggy, shoes, ska, slippers, smashing pumpkins, smiling, snow, something corporate, spice girls, spring convention, stars, straight teeth, stud muffins, sugar ray, summer, swimming, t-shirts, talking online, tall people, the ataris, the mighty mighty bosstones, the offspring, the strokes, the wedding singer, thursday, tyler durden, tzafon mizrach, usy, walking, weekends, weezer, weinerville, wendy's, willy bear, winter, wonderwall